Hello Reader and welcome to my tiny, humble, irrelevant blog.

If you’ve stumbled over here with a few questions, allow me to give you some answers.


This is ME, as drawn by the lovely Aila. I look a little bit different (for example, I cut off all my hair!) but I’d say it’s pretty accurate!

A few facts for the road:

  • I’m 19 years old
    • Will be 20 in October
  • I’m in college and majoring in Clinical psych and (maybe conservation) biology
    • might throw a minor in there.
  • My brain is an asshole
    • I have something wrong up there. Therapy hasn’t diagnosed it but as confirmed it. Stan talent.
  • I’m queer!
    • I flit around but usually go back to pan demi/greyromantic, demi/grey sexual.
    • I know it’s a lot and that is why I usually just say “queer”.
  • When I’m not depressed or having an anxiety attack I enjoy:
    • READING! Of course!
    • Watching video game playthroughs (especially horror and I don’t have a gaming system so I can’t play them myself!)
    • Watching TV.
      • I’m big on animated shows like Voltron and The Miraculous Ladybug. I know they aren’t for me but I appreciate the way the content can deal with heavy topics in a light way.
    • Hiking
    • Sleeping
    • Writing.
    • Trying to learn some other language


The blog! I have been blogging for…. Oh…. Um… Three years! As of March 6th, 2018 I have been blogging for three years! Very inconsistently I might add, with a winky face if my laptop supported emojis!

Since it’s sad and humble beginnings LTPR has been a book blog dedicated to mostly Young Adults, however, we also cover every now and then

  • adult books
  • middle grade books
  • poetry books
  • nonfiction books

And soon

  • graphic novels/comics

It is rare but it does happen.

I’m currently reading The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, with plans to read The Poppy Wars, and plans to read Aru Shah, plus I need to catch up on Rick Riordan books. Not to mention I do enjoy some poetry every now and then. Roxane Gay books are amazing, and I bought Saga and am reading Monstress.

It just depends on the day!

LTPR also features discussions and posts about writing every now and then!


If for some reason you have a question, comment, concern, please do reach out to me! I’m happy to talk, in fact, I’m quite lonely and would love to talk!

Want to know how you can get in touch? Let me tell you:

Email: kitcattheblogger@gmail.com

  • For anything about the blog!

Twitter: @wxtchlander

  • If you want to be friends or talk or something

Instagram: @theauthorscurse

  • If Twitter and e-mail aren’t cutting it, try Instagram!

And if all else fails, try e-mail again!

Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoy.


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