Books I’m Trying To Read During Winter Break

First semester of college didn't actually kick my butt, guys. I just fell short when it came to reading books. In actuality, I had plenty of time to read, but, you know... Classes, making friends, finding stuff to do outside of classes and friends, looking for a job, trying to keep up with classes.... Again, … Continue reading Books I’m Trying To Read During Winter Break


Top Ten 2017 Releases

Okay, so I don't actually do Top Ten Tuesdays, to be honest, I'm not even sure if that's still a thing that happens. But, at YALLFest, mom grabbed this cute little notepad of "Top Ten _____" with the theme being Top Ten by Katie Cotugno. So, I've started writing down my "Top Ten_____" on these … Continue reading Top Ten 2017 Releases